2019 Elizabeth Patrick Leadership Award: Jamie Raboy

Ms. Jamie (far left) with Ms. Dalia and their 2018-19 Pre-K class.

In 2015, The International Preschools’ Board of Trustees established the Elizabeth Patrick Leadership Fund in appreciation of Ms. Patrick‘s leadership as the Board Chair. An annual award is given to a faculty member who has made a notable contribution to living out and promoting the IPS mission statement by taking initiative within the school community.

This year’s recipient is 76th Street head teacher, Jamie Raboy.  Read on to find out more about Ms. Jamie, and why she was chosen as this year’s winner!

Ms. Jamie engaging her students in the Cubetto coding program at IPS.

Jamie has been a member of the IPS faculty since 2015, teaching both the Green 3 and Pre-K 1 classes at IPS’ 76th Street location.  In the spring of 2018, the 76th Street location held a “Museum Night” for the Green Rooms, which was spearheaded by Jamie.  She felt that a spring community event should take place at IPS, where children can display artwork in a special venue.  Jamie worked with her fellow Green Room teachers to create this preschool experience. This year, as a Pre-K 1 teacher, Jamie encouraged and included the Pre-K classes into Museum Night.  Jamie’s effort and enthusiasm helped the event expand from famous artist-based work (i.e. Jackson Pollock) into a exhibit of the three-month author and book studies from the Green and Pre-K classrooms.  As a result, Museum Night has grown into an annual event that the 76th Street teachers and administrators have been looking to incorporate for many years now: a celebration of the children’s work as well as a way for the community to come together in the spring, instead of just in the fall and winter (for UN Day and Winter Solstice, respectively).

Releasing the butterflies!

Within the classroom, Jamie is a seasoned teacher who maintains a fun, literacy-based curriculum that is age-appropriate. She works closely with her assistant teacher, Ms. Dalia, to incorporate art projects and implement multidisciplinary thematic units.  She knows her children’s strengths and needs well, and strives to make the classroom a comfortable, inviting place for learning.  Jamie often tries to encourage parents to visit the classroom for culture shares and is open to exploring different ways to expose children to family traditions.  For example, Jamie recently welcomed a student’s parents in to celebrate Holi, the Hindu festival of colors. With the family, Jamie worked out a way for the children to participate by having them use our backyard, wear white tee shirts, and spread washable paint on the tee shirts.  This way, the family could teach the children about the holiday in a tactile manner, the children would not stain their clothes, and everyone would have a great time!

Jamie also developed a social-emotional learning curriculum for her classroom.  This year, she went on to share her research and its implementation with her fellow teachers as part of their professional development training. 

Please join the IPS community in congratulating Jamie on receiving this award!

To learn more about Ms. Jamie and IPS’ other talented teachers, visit our website by clicking here.


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