A Letter From Our Director



The beginning of a new school year is always very exciting! This year more than ever because we haven’t seen the IPS families or children in person since March. When COVID hit NYC, we went to Zoom Connections for the rest of the school year. Although this was a successful way to stay connected to our community and continue the teaching and learning, it didn’t compare to being together in person.

Here we are, getting ready to reopen! Some things at IPS will remain the same. We will continue to be a warm and nurturing early childhood community committed to play based learning. Some things will be different. We have fewer children in our classes (up to 10 in a class). Teachers will be wearing face masks and we will encourage children to as well. We won’t be able to share the classroom materials like we used to. Instead each child will have a supply box with their own crayons, markers, scissors, glue stick, etc. Teachers will limit the various materials made available to the children so that sanitization in between use is easy. Snack baskets won’t be passed around the table for children to help themselves, instead individually wrapped snacks will be served. Hand sanitizer, which had become taboo for young children, is now readily available and we will be washing hands even more frequently.

At IPS, we are committed to keeping germs out and minimizing the spread of germs until a COVID vaccine is available. We have created a bubble of cleanliness so that our young students can continue their social/emotional growth with their peers at school. Teachers will continue to carry out the planned curriculum as usual. We will still learn and celebrate the various cultural backgrounds that make our community unique as well as expand on our cognitive, creative, fine and gross motor skills. We will still celebrate UN Day, enjoy Halloween, learn about Diwali, sing songs for Winter Solstice, read stories about Lunar New Year, send each other valentines and honor our planet on Earth Day.

We invite you to get to know us better albeit remotely for now. We look forward to meeting you via Zoom. We will have several opportunities to connect with you. In addition to your meeting with our Admissions Directors, you will be invited to an Open House to meet with me and our Location Administration, and teachers, and to a Q&A where you will meet with current parents.

Wishing you good health,
Donna Cohen