Animal Planet Theme at IPS Summer Camp 2019

The theme for IPS Summer Camp during the month of June is “Animal Planet.”  The campers are learning about a variety of animals, from marine life to safari animals to woodland creatures!  Through play-based learning, which is used to teach IPS students in both school and at summer camp, the children have played games, enjoyed theme days and events, created art projects, and more in order to fully immerse themselves in the study of animals.  Here’s a look at what the campers have been doing during our “Animal Planet” theme!

IPS’ 76th Street and 86th Street location welcomed Party Animals NY (formerly Petland Traveling Animal Show) to camp this month.  The children were able to learn about, observe, touch, and even hold a variety of animals, including a baby boa constrictor, a chinchilla, and a parrot, among others. During week 3, both locations will welcome The Art Farm NYC to camp to view and interact with more animals!

At the 76th Street location, the campers went on a Teddy Bear Picnic during week 1.  Here, the children were invited to bring in a favorite teddy bear (or other stuffed animal) from home.  They made bear headbands, listened to a bear-themed story, and ate Teddy Grahams for snack! They also attended a luau during week 2, with a nod to underwater animals.  The campers dressed in their favorite beach clothing, played with toy marine animals, and made a “beach in a jar,” consisting of sand and seashells.

This week, campers can look forward to Safari Day at 76th Street and the Luau Party at 86th Street.  Here’s to more days of animal-filled learning at IPS Summer Camp!

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