Bee-Bots & iStopMotion: New iPad Programs at The International Preschools

The International Preschools is excited to announce two brand-new iPad curriculum initiatives that incorporate play-based learning with technology. In February, the Pre-K and Junior K classes will be introduced to Bee-Bots and iStopMotion.

beebot_blinking The_International_Preschools_NYC
Bee-Bot robot


Bee-Bots are small, yellow “robots” that are currently being used at several independent schools here in New York City, including The Speyer Legacy School. Bee-Bots provide a visual, tangible object which helps children understand the step-by-step process required to code programs and complete tasks. The goal of the program at The International Preschools is to have the children program their own Bee-Bot (in small groups) using directions of their own choosing.  By doing this, children practice problem solving skills (in how to get their Bee-Bot to move a certain way) and learn a variety of directional words including; forward, backward, right, left. Click here to view video of Bee Bots instruction from the 2015-2016 45th Street Pre-K


The iStopMotion app provides children an opportunity to create their own animated films using clay, toys, or other props.  Every other week, the students work in small groups to create a storyline for their film. They will create a storyboard of different scenes that ultimately are joined together into one project.

This program requires children to:

  • strengthen fine motor skills (by manipulating clay and props)
  • develop motor planning (creating a sequential story that has a beginning, middle, and an end)
  • increase attention span and concentration
  • further socialization growth by work together as a group.

We are looking forward to seeing the results of this technological and play-based learning program in the coming months!  Click Here to view The Gingerbread Man created by the 2015-2016 86th Street Pre-K

Learn More

To learn more about Bee-Bots, visit the Bee-Bot website.

To learn more about The International Preschools Admissions Process visit our website.

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