Celebrating Diwali at The International Preschools

Green Room celebrates Diwali, in traditional clothing!

At The International Preschools, students, teachers, and their families celebrate holidays from around the world.  As part of our ongoing international unit, families are invited to visit the IPS classrooms and teach the children about traditions, holidays, and other celebrations that are important to their culture. Recently, IPS commemorated Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, at both of our locations.

86th Street location watches a Diwali performance from the Ajna Dance Company.

Diwali began this year on October 27, 2019.  It is a five-day festival that celebrates the concept of light over darkness and good over evil.  Traditionally, families will ready their homes for Diwali in a variety of ways:  cleaning, buying new clothes,  lighting diyas (oil lamps) and candles, and hanging rangoli (patterned artwork).  Families will also gather together for a meal with sweets and exchange gifts.  Fireworks, firecrackers, and sparklers are also part of the celebration, adding to the festival of light!

76th Street children learn some dance moves in honor of Diwali!

The school community held a Diwali celebration at our 76th Street and 86th Street locations on Wednesday, November 6th.  The children and teachers gathered in the gym for a performance from the Ajna Dance Company; two dancers wearing traditional Indian clothing executed a lively routine to honor the holiday of Diwali.  At one point, everyone was invited to stand up and dance, learning particular movements along the way.  We had a wonderful time!

Many IPS families who celebrate Diwali made separate visits to their child(ren)’s classrooms to teach the students some specifics about the holiday.  Some classes made diyas, others tasted delicious Indian treats, and others were even able to try on traditional Indian clothing worn on Diwali!

We hope that a happy Diwali was had by all who celebrated!

Be sure to come back and read next week’s blog post, which will delve more into the IPS culture shares, like the ones for Diwali, that occur throughout the school year.

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