Celebrating Milestone Recipients at The International Preschools

Each year, The International Preschools’ community celebrates the milestone recipients of the school’s faculty and administration.  Staff members who have worked at The International Preschools for five, ten, fifteen, twenty years and beyond are honored at our annual Spring Benefit in April.  They are also recognized with a special luncheon and gift to commemorate their commitment and dedication to our school and its community.

The International Preschools' 86th Street location, prior to its grand opening in 2013.
The International Preschools’ 86th Street location, prior to its grand opening in 2013.

Fifteen staff members have reached milestone status during the 2016-2017 school year.  Throughout their time at the school, many of these people have taken on a variety of roles and responsibilities. Some current teachers started out as floaters; other teachers joined the administrative staff; and many of these recipients have transferred to more than one location and taken on leadership roles in a variety of capacities. I personally have worked with several of the recipients, including Eira Toral-Sukhra, with whom I taught with in the Junior Kindergarten nine years ago, and now work with in communications and administration; she also substituted for me while I was on maternity leave last year. This fluidity allows for staff members to touch the lives of students and co-workers in all three locations, creating one unified community with a common goal.

This year, The International Preschools’ milestone recipients are:

  • Bernadette Schwartz, Assistant to the Director at 86th Street – 35 years
  • Marlene Landon, 45th Street Floater – 30 years
  • Susan Ehrlich, 76th Street Admissions – 20 years
  • Mona Green, 45th Street Location Director – 20 years
  • Victor Perez, 45th Street Maintenance – 20 years
  • Eira Toral-Sukhra, Communications and Database Coordinator – 15 years
  • Maura Baritot-Finnerty, 45th Street Head Teacher – 5 years
  • Karen Chaitram, 86th Street Assistant Teacher – 5 years
  • Elena Clarke-Balasa, 86th Street Associate Teacher – 5 years ( plus 6 additional years 97-04)
  • Robyn Clery, 45th Street Head Teacher – 5 years
  • Jenna Forsthuber, 86th Street Head Teacher – 5 years
  • Colleen Krowl, 76th Street Head Teacher – 5 years
  • Astrid Moises, 86th Street Head Teacher – 5 years
  • Habib Rahman, IT – 5 years
  • Jacqueline Vaida, 86th Street Assistant Teacher – 5 years

Congratulations and thank you to all of this year’s milestone recipients!

If you have a comment about any of the milestone recipients (or a photo to share), please post it in our blog comment section. Our faculty and staff love hearing from you.

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