Child Development Newsletters

At IPS, we are aware that each child comes to us with different histories, family structures, needs, and learning styles. As the Developmental Specialist, I have a few different roles, all of which concern supporting children, families, and teachers. 

I am here to advocate for children so that they can be successful in the classroom, whether that means helping families to obtain special services for their child, communicating with outside therapists and providers, attending Department of Education or other special education meetings, or educating families and teachers on strategies for our students. I count myself extremely lucky to be able to observe and interact with the children in each classroom and it is my greatest joy to see the amount of progress young children can make in the time they are at IPS. 

You will be receiving newsletters from me throughout the year which cover different child development topics such as limit setting, language development, and transitions. You will also see emails from me throughout the year inviting you to join our parent workshops. Lastly, I’m always available to discuss topics with individual families that concern their child’s progress and well being. I look forward to getting to know your child as they embark on this exciting developmental stage of their lives!

Jaya Misra, MSEd, MFA
86th Street Assistant Director & Developmental Specialist

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