April 17 Letter

Dear IPS Community,

I hope this finds you all healthy as we continue to stay on “pause” until May 15th, as Governor Cuomo instructed. My impression is that our local government is planning the reopening of the NYC counties strategically, which is wise.

We will continue our Zoom Connections sessions. I continue to get wonderful feedback from parents! The best part of my days is when I’m visiting zoom sessions. This week, I saw an IPS teacher as a weather correspondent on the Weather Channel, I took a virtual field trip to Disney World, I was invited into one teacher’s living room and saw how she made roads, bridges and tunnels with simple materials she found in her home. I met puppets who help with the weather and a plant that sends daily messages to the students. I saw children beautifully engaged in a wide variety of activities with very happy faces interacting with their teachers and friends.

It takes a village! I honor our IPS teachers for their creativity and energy! It’s not easy putting on the equivalent to a TV show without an entertainment network behind you. And I honor IPS parents and other family members who are assisting the children on the other side of the screens. I know most aspects of life right now are taking a toll on all of us. Most of our lives are on screens: work, school and our social lives. If needed, give your family a break from screens, take a day, or part of a day off.

Let’s remain positive, calm, kind, loving and “NY Tough” (even if you’ve left the state for now). We will get through this together. 

Very best wishes,

Donna Cohen


Here are some resources we have compiled.  Additional resources will come every Friday afternoon.

Online Activities:

iPad Apps (may be available on other tablets as well):

Screen-Free Activities:

  • Board Games: Checkers, Candyland, Guess Who?
  • Card Games: Matching Cards, Sequencing Cards 
  • DIY: Scavenger Hunts, Bingo