April 24 Letter

Dear IPS Community,

I hope you are all well and healthy! 

I continue to be so impressed by the creativity of our teachers and the Zoom Connections sessions! It gives me great joy hearing the teachers share ideas and resources at staff meetings. They continue to rise to the occasion every day, putting their best efforts forward for their beloved students. For some of them this is the highlight of their day, as they live with the stresses of COVID-19, not knowing what our immediate future looks like and in some cases caring for their own children and elderly family members who have come to live with them. 

Tonight we would have been gathering at the IPS Benefit, celebrating our beloved school and honoring the decade IPS was founded in 1963. For those of you who have been at the benefit in past years, you will recall that I gather all the teachers up to the stage so that we can acknowledge them. I refer to them as being the heart and soul of the school and this year I will add that they are our heros. Tonight, from your homes, raise a glass in their honor! 

This year we celebrated the milestones of the following IPS faculty and support staff:

20 Years: Carol Straker and Emi Tosabayashi
10 Years: Gladys Rodriguez, Maria Larrea, and Kim Reed
5 Years: Jacob Tejada, Mary Stetten Carson, Jaimee Murillo, Jayney Wolfson, and Hande Erkin-Guler


Appropriately, today has been deemed IPS Spirit Day! I look forward to seeing all the fun photos that are submitted. I am ever grateful to you all for your continued support of IPS and your kindness during this challenging situation.  Don’t forget to check Instagram and Facebook to see everyone’s IPS Spirit!

In honor of our teachers, I leave you with this quote from Fred Rogers (aka Mr. Rogers),

“Play does seem to open up another part of the mind that is always there, but that, since childhood, may have become closed off and hard to reach. When we treat children’s play as seriously as it deserves, we are helping them feel the joy that’s to be found in the creative spirit, too. It’s the things we play with and the people who help us play that make a great difference in our lives”.

  • From The World According to Fred Rogers: Important Things to Remember, 2003, Family Communications, Inc

Sending you all love and good wishes,



Here are some resources we have compiled. Additional resources will come every Friday afternoon.

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