March 20 Letter

Dear IPS Community,

We hope you are all feeling well and having positive experiences during this challenging time.

Although we are “on break,” the faculty and administration have been working so that we are as prepared as possible for our Zoom connections with our families beginning March 30th.

The educational administration has been collecting resources that we feel would be helpful while you are at home and practicing social distancing. These resources include activities to do at home, educational screen time and resources on how to cope with our current way of living. We intend to send a list to you every Friday afternoon.

Having a structure in place while at home is our best advice. You can make schedule cards the way each class has at school. We know the children would find this fun and very comforting!

If we can be of help in any way, please reach out.

Best wishes,

Donna Cohen

Monique Tabbs
East 86th Street Location/Education Director

Alyssa Wisoff
West 76th Street Location/Education Director

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