March 27 Letter

Dear IPS Community,

I hope this finds you all well in body and mind. We are all struggling with our current situation in different ways, and I hope we are all staying calm and strong. Beginning on Monday, March 30th, we will once again come together as a school community but in a very different way than we are used to.

I support our local governments current mandates to keep our families, friends and neighbors healthy and to slow and ultimately stop the spread of COVID-19. While social distancing remains of crucial importance, I invite you to reimagine these measures, as they apply to the IPS school community, as “physical distancing,” in recognition of our shared commitment to preserving the social and emotional relationships that join us together. These bonds have always been the center of who we are as a community and the work we do, and continue to serve as our guiding principle as we shift to connecting through zoom. We are calling our remote method Zoom Connections because for now, this is how we will maintain our connection as a community.

The IPS Faculty and Administrators have been working to orient themselves to a new mode of interaction and instruction. They have demonstrated remarkable flexibility and creativity as they have redefined the nature of their work as educators. I personally thank them for their efforts over the break and I know this will continue to develop and grow as time and experience allows.

Still, this is new for ALL of us. We don’t expect anyone– children, parents, teachers– to immediately feel comfortable with Zoom Connections. Our goal is to be kind and patient as together we embark on this unfamiliar journey together.

This is how Zoom Connections will begin at IPS:

  • Based on feedback we’ve received from peer schools who have already begun remote learning, we are starting slowly and will build up to the two or four sessions per day.
  • We will begin with one 30 minute session on Monday, March 30th. Your classroom teacher will provide the time to you. This session will give everyone the opportunity to get acquainted with this new way of coming together.
  • Each classroom teaching team will determine at what pace to proceed depending on the age of their class. Just like with the separation and phase-in process, the teachers will guide you as we make progress together.
  • After we have settled into the two and four classroom sessions each week, we will add on the Specialty Teachers. And we hope to continue to grow Zoom Connections from there.

We will continue to send you resources for activities to do with your children and resources for parenting during this crisis.

I am here for you and I’m available to anyone who wants to talk with me. I will be scheduling  parent meetings by class via Zoom.

I wish you the very best and I pray that you are all healthy,

Donna Cohen

Basic Guide to Using Zoom

Here are some resources we have compiled.  Additional resources will come every Friday afternoon.





Two additional resources are available by clicking on the links below: 

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