May 29 Letter

Dear IPS Community,

I hope you continue to be well as we approach the weekend and the end of May. Yearbooks were mailed to each family’s home and we’re beginning to get expressions of gratitude for them. The credit goes to IPS moms Erica Snyder, Dorian Block, and Christina Branton. They did an AMAZING job.

This yearbook will have particular significance to the children because I know they all miss their friends and teachers very much. When I looked through it, cover to cover, tears of joy and sadness rolled down my cheeks. I felt joy brought on by all the wonderful memories this yearbook captured and sadness for the distance we have had to endure these few months. This will certainly be a treasured keepsake of the IPS 2019-2020 school year.

We continue to hope to re-open in September and we continue to plan for a variety of scenarios that may be the new normal until a COVID vaccination is developed. Hiring letters went out to our faculty as we anticipate creating smaller class groups than we typically have.

We have been told that we will have the guidelines from the NYC Department of Health by mid June. To be clear, The NYC Department of Health doesn’t determine if schools can re-open. They will mandate the health guidelines for schools to operate when the Governor and Mayor determine that NYC schools can re-open. Once we get word, we will communicate this to you via email and we will schedule a series of manageable-sized Zoom meetings to answer questions. Until then, I’m thankful to all of you for your patience as we struggle with the unknown.

I wish you all a lovely weekend and continued good health.

Very best wishes,

Donna Cohen


Below are some resources we have compiled. Additional resources will come every Friday afternoon.


Movement Activities:

Screen-Free Activities: