Curriculum Night at The International Preschools

A child works on her pincer grip while engaged in a game called “Feed the Dog.” Here, she will strengthen her hand muscles for future writing endeavors…all while learning through play!

Each year, The International Preschools invites parents to  a fun and educational Curriculum Night during the early fall.  The purpose of this evening is to teach parents the important aspects of the school day, including IPS teaching philosophies, topics of study, daily schedules and routines, and upcoming events throughout the school year, as well as answer any questions that parents have about their child’s school day.  This year, on Wednesday, October 17th, parents at our 45th Street, 76th Street, and 86th Street locations will visit their child(ren)’s classrooms to learn about the school day from two points of view:  the teachers and the students!

Red Room (2s) children work individually on puzzles, which promotes skills such as problem-solving and hand-eye coordination.

The International Preschools focuses on a philosophy called play-based learning.  Play-based learning allows for children to organize and make sense of their social worlds.  It supports a child’s ability to acquire cognitive skills (i.e. number/shape/letter/color recognition), increase motor skills (used for writing, climbing, running, etc.), boost language development (the ability to converse with teachers and peers, and express needs and wants), and assist with problem-solving.  Teachers facilitate learning by sitting with and observing the children when engaged in independent or small group play, answering questions or providing guidelines.  During whole group activities, teachers prompt the children with verbal and visual directions which allow the children to complete tasks at hand.

Here, children are strengthening fine motor skills (by fitting straws together carefully), shape recognition and formation (by creating squares and cubes), and promoting problem-solving and team work skills (by working together as a group), to name just a few bits of learning acquired through play!

Our ninety-minute Curriculum Night is split into two parts.  Upon entering the classrooms, parents will come upon a play-based learning-appropriate room that is set up similar to that of their child’s day.  Tables will be filled with activities, small group games, and art projects.  Each table will likely have a description of the procedure, purpose, and learning goals of the venture at hand.  Parents will have the opportunity to visit classroom centers, which exhibit the theme being taught within the classroom, and provide an additional outlet for children to reenact and reinforce social, emotional, and cognitive skills that they have learned.  Parents will also be able to take part in the projects and games at hand, allowing for them to participate in learning via a hands-on manner…just as their children do throughout the day.

Sensory exploration is an important part of a preschooler’s day. Using play dough, children increase dexterity in their hands, which allows for more control when cutting and writing. Play dough is also a soothing activity for people of all ages, and allows for children to increase social skills by chatting, sharing tools, and working together to create sculptures.

The second part of our Curriculum Night will provide teachers an opportunity to speak to parents as a whole group.  Here, the teachers will take you through a conventional day at school, perhaps by reviewing the daily schedule or having parents themselves participate in a morning meeting.  Teachers will speak about upcoming classroom themes and topics, as well as delve into how different classroom centers and workshops (i.e. math, reading, writing, and science) work to enhance the curriculum at hand.  Of course, this is a great opportunity for parents to ask general questions about the school day, and lays a great foundation for parents to inquire further about individual child-specific needs during our upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences in November.

Whether your child is currently attending the Creche (1.5s/2s), Red (2s), Green (3s), Pre-K (4s), or Junior K (4s/5s), Curriculum Night is an important event to schedule on your calendar.  We hope to see you on October 17th!

Interested in getting to know our school better?  Virtually visit an IPS classroom by clicking here.



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