Earth Day is Every Day (Even Remotely!) at IPS!

Pre-K Earth Day art!

The International Preschools celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22nd.  Though we are weeks into our remote learning experience, the children were able to immerse themselves in the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling…and taking care of the Earth…with the help of their amazing teachers!

Transforming water bottles into noise makers in the Red Room!

The idea of “reusing” came in particularly handy at this time, as the community does not have immediate access to art materials and other items.  It’s not as simple as running out to the store and picking up what you need!  Many classrooms created projects using items that can be found in your home…and your recycling bin!  Here are a few of the fun activities that were witnessed within our IPS remote classrooms, using some of these items:

  • Cardboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes became trusty binoculars for going on safari!  The children and their families saved these items, glued two of them together, and put them into use while the teachers led the children on a search for animals!  Zebras and giraffes are some of the many animals that were spotted on safari!
  • Plastic bottles transformed into sensory bottles; to make one, place water, some dish soap, and glitter/beads/other small objects in a bottle!  Some classes pressed the bottom of a plastic bottle into a plate of paint and then pressed it onto paper, creating “flowers.”
  • Cereal boxes were utilized for projects highlighting scissor skills!  Cardboard is a great material for young children to practice cutting on, as it provides a stronger, steadier component than construction paper or other similar items.  One class turned a cereal box into railroad tracks; others used it as a base for free art!

Earth Day truly is every day at The International Preschools!

For updates on how IPS is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.



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