Elizabeth Patrick Leadership Award for Faculty Members: Meet Our Newest Recipient!

unnamed-1Congratulations to this year’s Elizabeth Patrick Leadership Award Winner: 76th Street Head Teacher, Alyssa Wisoff.

In 2015, The International Preschools’ Board of Trustees established the Elizabeth Patrick Leadership Fund in appreciation of Ms. Patrick’s leadership as the Board Chair.   The Fund was established to support professional development and educational advancement for faculty as well as provide for an annual award to a faculty member who has made a notable contribution to living out and promoting the mission of the school by taking initiative within the school community.

This year, the school had five nominees of highly qualified and deserving faculty members. Nominations were made by peer teachers and location directors. A committee consisting of a Board member, two faculty members, and four staff members reviewed the nominees and selected the winner.

5e0b49ff1ec5962a11bbded507fd2694Ms. Alyssa, a head teacher at 76th Street, just completed her fifth year at The International Preschools.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Lafayette College in American Studies and Sociology and earned her Master of Science degree in Guidance and Counseling from New York University.

This year’s winner is described by her peers as inquisitive, thoughtful and always seeking opportunities to grow and become a better classroom teacher. An avid world traveler, Alyssa loves integrating multiculturalism into the classroom and sharing that curriculum with other teachers. She enjoys cooking with the children and maintains a weekly cooking session in her classroom; next school year, she will also teach an after school cooking class at the 76th Street location.  Among other things, Ms. Alyssa has consistently volunteered to help in her off hours with office and admissions duties and took initiative in researching ways to enrich the school’s STEM program for our Green Rooms (3s) by applying play-based learning activities.

89b7b2d6a4148719032988995The International Preschools is thrilled to recognize and celebrate this outstanding member of our teaching faculty.

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