Field Trip Fun at The International Preschools

An IPS class visits the New York Botanical Garden.

Spring is high season for field trips at The International Preschools! Our students thoroughly enjoy attending class trips and look forward to doing so every year.  New York City (and its surrounding areas) provide a wealth of opportunity for extended learning within our school curriculum and for making connections between home and school.  Read on to see where we’ve been and why we went!

  • Nature walk/hunt at Central Park

    Curriculum Development:  Field trips add to the interdisciplinary themes that the children are learning within the classroom.  The close proximity of Central Park and Carl Schurz Park to our 76th Street and 86th Street locations, respectively, supply the students with a scientific exploring ground for seasonal learning.  During a fall unit, children will collect leaves, acorns, twigs, and other items from the parks for show-and-shares.  Some classes, at the beginning of the school year, will “adopt a tree,” and visit it monthly or a few times a year, observing and documenting its transformation throughout the seasons.  Students at the 45th Street location, which is a few blocks from the United Nations, annually visit the outside of the building to see the world flags.  This excursion pairs nicely with our focus on family, culture, and traditions, both in October in honor of our United Nations Day celebration, and throughout the school year.

  • Choosing items at a local farmers’ market

    Life Skills:  Class excursions allow for the children to practice everyday skills in a fun setting with their peers.  Tasks such as taking the bus, subway, train, or even walking along busy streets are practiced on field trips.  Making sure to stay with your grown-up, using the stairs, and keeping up with the group are necessary when you are out and about.  Many classes visit farmers’ markets in the fall and spring, affording children the chance to assist in planning a meal: choosing (and tasting) a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other foods; using money to pay for the items; carrying the groceries back to school; preparing and cooking the food; and ultimately, eating it!

  • New York Public Library class trip

    Language Development:  Field trips bring what is learned within the classroom into “real life.”  When the students return to the classroom, many additional learning opportunities remain.  The children use their memory recall to identify one (or more) of their favorite parts of the trip; many times, they will create representational drawings of the excursion to further promote what information was taken in.  Similarly, a graphing lesson using the same question (What was your favorite part of the trip?) with events to choose from allows the children to incorporate math skills (counting, identifying most/least, etc.) into the trip experience.

We are looking forward to many more innovative and exciting class trips at The International Preschools!

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