Fun Outdoor Activities For Your Kids During COVID-19

Building and sharing at the sand table during IPS Summer Camp a few years ago.

Although we are well into July and the COVID-19 outbreak, at least here in the tri-state area, has decreased significantly, more families are choosing to make the summer of 2020 a low-key summer. This means less going out, less traveling, and more time spent in and around the home.

As adults, we sometimes forget about the simplicities and plethora of activities that can entertain little and big kids alike.  Looking for some ideas to up your outdoor game?  Read on!

  • The Center for Discovery provided a list of activities earlier in the spring, many of which can be done indoors or outdoors.  Activities range from collecting and painting rocks and other outdoor objects to fitness challenges to making your own bubble solution!
  • Sidewalk chalk – you can draw hopscotch grids or even just shapes, numbers, names, and make up your own game(s).
  • Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

    Sensory Table – use a plastic crate, a tub, a kiddie pool…fill it with your choice of water, sand, soil, rice, etc.  My kids LOVED playing in the rice recently, and played in the water nearly every day once the weather turned warmer.  this weekend).  Add cups, spoons, plastic figurines, bath toys, real/fake flowers, depending upon what you fill the tub with.

  • “House Painting” – Give a child a cup or bucket of water, along with a paint brush (if you have bigger ones that you’d use to paint a chair, wall, etc. use those!).  Allow the child to “paint” the sides of the building, house, fence, deck, wall…anything they choose.  This kept children in my Green Room (3s) class years ago, as well as my own children and nieces, busy for nearly an hour!
  • Bringing the Indoors…Outdoors!  Modify ideas for indoors and bring them outside (either ones from our teachers’ resource list or any activity that the children do inside their home, from drawing to role play).  I used to love just bringing my toys outside as a kid (particularly when it rained and I could sit on the covered deck); just the change in venue can be a different experience.

Enjoy your time outdoors!

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