Halloween 2019 at IPS!

86th Street students pose in their Halloween costumes!

The fall season at The International Preschools is filled with many different events, from Curriculum Night to United Nations Day to Thanksgiving, not to mention Parent/Teacher Conferences, Diwali, Thanksgiving…the list goes on!  Of course, the year would not be complete without celebrating a holiday that the children (and teachers) look forward to all year…Halloween!

Here at IPS, our 76th Street and 86th Street locations commemorated Halloween in a variety of ways.  Keep reading to learn about our Halloween curriculum and view photos from Halloween 2019!

Green Room students play a Halloween-themed version of Bingo during Table Time.

In keeping with our play-based learning philosophy, students at IPS learned about Halloween in the days prior to the holiday via games, art, music, stories, and other activities.  Many classrooms utilized the pumpkin carving as not only a Halloween tradition, but also a science and sensory experience.  While carving the pumpkin, the children were able to hypothesize (i.e. What do you think is inside the pumpkin?); use their senses of smell, touch, and sight to explore the inside (and outside) of a pumpkin; and practice identifying and placing the parts of a face while transforming the pumpkin into a jack o’lantern.

Children of all ages discovered that orange and black are colors that represent Halloween.  To do this, classrooms were “immersed” in orange and black.  Some examples included orange and black paint at the easel; orange play dough for choice time; and even orange and black Unifix cubes for table time!

When the big day finally arrived, children and teachers at both locations excitedly entered IPS wearing their Halloween costumes.  Inside the building, activities ranged from show and shares to parades to a full-blown fashion show, complete with trick-or-treating!

Click on the gallery below to see some highlights from Halloween 2019!

Ready to join the IPS community?  Read a letter from our director, Donna Cohen, by clicking here.



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