Fourth of July Fireworks Are On In New York City!

Fourth of July celebration from last year’s IPS Summer Camp

After a spring filled with COVID-19 and quarantine rules and precautions, it’s been so nice to welcome the warm weather and a (hopefully) less restrictive, but still safe, summer!  With New York City beaches scheduled to open on July 1st, summer seems a bit more like…summer.  Another tried-and-true tradition, the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks, will also run this year…with a twist!

Fourth of July fireworks in New York City!

For those of us who remained in New York City throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a special fireworks treat for all…instead of one day of festivities, fireworks will take place throughout the entire week leading up to the Fourth of July!  (This works well for parents like myself, who often miss parts of the one-day spectacular, depending upon my kids’ status at that particular moment!)  Many New Yorkers will be able to view the fireworks from their homes, eliminating the congregation of people that typically form on the Fourth of July…a good thing, in light of the need to socially distance.

For more information on the fireworks and other summer-related activities to commemorate Independence Day, visit TimeOut New York’s detailed website for everything you need by clicking above!

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