Inside a (Remote Learning) Classroom at IPS

A Pre-K class created the letter R (their “letter of the week”) using play dough during a recent Zoom session.

The International Preschools has entered its third week of remote learning.  Upon entering the classrooms, one might feel as if they are actually visiting a “brick and mortar” version of what you’d find at the 76th Street and 86th Street locations.  Our faculty has done a spectacular job of transmitting their teaching styles through technological devices while still keeping the student/teacher connections that make IPS so special.

When you enter an IPS remote learning classroom, you might see…

  • Circle Time/Meeting Time:  From our Red Rooms (2s) to our Junior Kindergarten (4s/5s), you’ll find children engaging in circle/meeting time, which includes singing songs, checking the weather, completing a morning message, or reviewing the calendar.  Many classes go over a “daily schedule,” which lets the children know what to expect in the current and future sessions of the day, just like they do at school.
  • A Green Room creates patterns during a Zoom session math lesson.

    Math:  There’s beading and patterning activities, object counting, number writing, and more!

  • Cooking:  To build on math and science skills, several classes have tried their hand at cooking activities.  Teachers have selected recipes which can be easily replicated at home using common materials.  By working on these activities, the children are strengthening their problem solving skills, following multi-step directions, and best of all, creating something yummy to eat!  (When children take part in the cooking process, they are more likely to try/taste/eat the food!)
  • Scavenger Hunts and “Show and Share”:  A popular game to play during our Zoom sessions, scavenger hunts allow for the children to make home-to-school connections by taking information they are learning at school (i.e. shapes, colors, letters) and relating it to their homes by finding items that correlate.  For example, one Pre-K class asked the children to find items in their home that start with the letter R; the children then showed and shared their items during the next day’s Zoom lesson.  Scavenger Hunts also permit the children to integrate some much-needed movement into their classes, by having the children stand up and move around.
  • Literacy:  Books, songs, and poems are seamlessly blended into the daily sessions.  Some teachers are using live books while others are using eBooks and sharing their screens with the children.  Afterwards, discussions are held and other connecting activities are conducted, including representational drawing of the stories, discussions, and story retelling.  Many classes are also continuing their handwriting units via the Handwriting Without Tears program.  The children are focusing on a new letter each week and are exploring letter/sound associations as well as focusing on how to create each letter using writing utensils…and even play dough!

Check back next week for more information about remote learning at The International Preschools!

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