Inside an IPS Classroom

Our Curriculum

At IPS, we believe in learning through play. Play is the serious work of young children. That is how they learn to understand the world.

Classrooms are organized into various learning centers such as art.

In dramatic play, children exercise their imaginations and learn social skills.

In pre-math, children build basic skills like categorizing, sorting, patterning, and counting.

Children learn about estimation, measurement, balancing, and planning when playing with blocks.

Students develop early literacy and pre-writing skills through letter recognition and fine motor coordination.

Active play in the gym or outdoors encourages gross motor development and cooperation.

The Library Center nurtures a life-long love of reading.

After School Programs

Each year, IPS offers a number of after school programs developed by our creative teachers or established children’s enrichment programs. This is only a small sample of our offerings. For more information, visit our After School page.

After school programs are selected to work with and expand on our curriculum. The art and clay classes blend elements of science, pre-math, and sensory play.

Families are encouraged to explore a variety of after school options while at IPS, such as tennis.

In addition to in-house programs, IPS has offerings from early childhood specialists. Chess@3 gets kids playing and loving chess through storytelling.

Summer Camp

IPS offers a Summer Camp program where children can continue to play and learn with their friends.

Summer Camp includes a special program for younger children to begin the separation process they will go through in the fall.

Camp includes many special events to keep children engaged, including Ice Cream Day, Fourth of July celebration, and Wacky Wednesday.

Our older students go on field trips and enjoy swimming and other sports lessons.

Students explore new curricular units designed especially for Summer Camp, including superheroes, teddy bear picnics and olympics as pictured.

Here, children cooperate during water play.

A magic show at Summer Camp.