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Welcome to IPS Summer Camp 2018!

Summertime snacks at IPS’ 76th Street location!

The first days of the 2018 camp season have come and gone at The International Preschools, and what fun it has been!  on Tuesday, June 12th, our 45th Street, 76th Street, and 86th Street locations opened their doors with balloons, bubble machines, and music, welcoming in many happy, smiling campers!

This summer, our camp will have three different themes.  For the month of June, our camp theme is “Animal Planet.”  Over the course of three weeks, camp rooms will focus their books, explorations, and activities on a variety of animals.  Last week, our campers participated in the animal-based special day, “Bring Your (Stuffed) Animal To Camp Day.”  Coinciding with the topic of animals, the campers brought a favorite stuffed animal to camp to join them in the day’s entertainment, ranging from playing in a child-made forest to searching for animals around the camp “on safari.”  This week, we welcome more adventures with our upcoming special day, “Underwater Animals Luau Party.”

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Elizabeth Patrick Leadership Award: Meet Our Newest Recipient!

The Elizabeth Patrick Leadership Award was established in 2015 to recognize the talent, hard work, and leadership skills within the faculty community here at The International Preschools.  Head teachers, associate teachers, assistant teachers, and specialty teachers are all among the potential nominees for this award; staff members are asked to write an essay about a person that they think deserves to be recognized.  The nominees and winner were announced at our final staff meeting on Friday, June 8th.

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Learning Through The Arts at IPS: Plants That Can’t Sit Still!

Children at the 45th Street location participate in this year’s Learning Through The Arts performance.

The International Preschools offers unique specialty classes to supplement the already multi-faceted play-based learning curriculum in our classrooms.  Currently, we offer four specialty classes:  Music, Creative Movement, Library, and iPads/Technology.  To connect and culminate a year of enlightenment in our specialty classes, the Pre-K and Junior K children participated in a performance for the Green (3s) classes entitled “Learning Through The Arts.”  The “Learning Through the Arts” celebration began a few years ago as a way to recognize and honor the curriculum within our specialty classes while sharing it with the children and teachers.  To tie the collaboration together, the specialty teachers choose one book to base the performance on; this year, the book is called Plants Can’t Sit Still by Rebecca E. Hirsch.

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End-Of-Year Celebrations at The International Preschools

Each May and June, The International Preschools celebrates the end-of-the year with a variety of play-based learning activities.  It is a bittersweet time for everyone: parents, children, and teachers alike. While parents and teachers are incredibly proud of what the children have accomplished throughout the last nine months, it is also a sad time of year, as we all prepare to say goodbye for the summer.

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End of Year Transitions: From School to Summer

Families having fun at an end-of-the-year party!

The last few weeks of classes at The International Preschools are exciting for our students.  Teachers and children begin play-based learning activities to celebrate the end of the school year:  classroom parties with parents, end-of-the-year gifts, and memory books.

But after the festivities have concluded, what’s next?  The “what’s next,” for some children, can be filled with uncertainty, sadness, or fear.  Sometimes, these feelings can result in regressing behaviors, such as difficulty separating from parents or caregivers.  This is an opportunity for children to develop life strategies for transitioning between one set of routines towards another exciting phase in their lives.

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Life Cycles Units and the End-Of-School Year Curriculum: How Are They Related?

Observing the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly!

Spring is an exciting season in the play-based curriculum at The International Preschools. Following thematic classroom units on the Earth, students at The International Preschools explore life cycles.  Students of all ages are introduced to live caterpillars, who are then placed in a “butterfly garden” and observed and recorded closely.  Preschoolers excitedly experience firsthand as caterpillars enter their chrysalises and emerge as butterflies! For a few joyful days, the children enjoy spending time with their new “classmates.”  But soon, the teachers will tell the class that it is time to release the butterflies to live in their natural habitats. There is a bittersweet “ceremony,” where the butterfly gardens are opened and its inhabitants are set free, to live in a local park.

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Spring Celebrations at The International Preschools

Children working on a sensory-based art project:  a collaborative cloud during their study of spring.

Spring has finally arrived in New York City, and with that comes our in-classroom learning about the season of spring at The International Preschools.  Our Creche (1.5s/2s), Red (2s), Green (3s), Pre-K (4s), and Junior K (4s/5s) Rooms have studied a variety of topics relating to the season, from planting to rainbows to weather to life cycles.  Here’s a peek into our classrooms for spring activities and excitement!

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Grandparents and Special Friends Day at The International Preschools

A grandparent attends a class trip to the New York Public Library with a special IPS student!

Throughout the school year, families are invited into the classrooms at The International Preschools to take part in a variety of activities.  Culture shares (where families teach the children about traditions), Father and Special Friend Read-Aloud, Winter Solstice, and United Nations Day are just a few times of the year where family members visit The International Preschools.  This month, we welcome family and friends to our school for another special event:  Grandparents and Special Friends Day.

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More Than Just a Fund Raiser: The IPS Spring Benefit

IPS Chief Administrative Officer Paul Kane and IPS Director Donna Cohen at last year’s Red Lantern Gala.

This year, The International Preschools will host its annual Spring Benefit at the Yale Club on Friday, May 4th from 7:00pm-11:00pm.  At the Spring Benefit, parents are able to bid on live auction items (as well as bid on online auction items for about two weeks prior to the event).  Donations, ticket sales, and proceeds from the event go towards the upkeep and improvement of The International Preschools.

However, the IPS Spring Benefit is far more than a fund raiser.  Here’s some reasons why you should attend…

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Self-Regulation and Feelings: A Simple Question to Ask

Working and playing in small groups at IPS

In last week’s blog, the topic of self-regulation and self-soothing was discussed, focusing on moving away from using technological devices to distract and calm children and instead, use tactics such as the five senses (touch, hearing), music, and tangible objects (books) to calm, entertain and soothe young children.  However, this week’s topic, interestingly enough, emerged from a classic technological device:  the television.

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