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Summer Camp Photo Gallery: Specialty Classes and Performers in July 2018

Summer Camp Photo Gallery: Go For the Gold! and Blast Off To Space Camp!

Go For The Gold: Camp Olympics in Summer 2018

“Going For The Gold” at the Camp Olympics!

The International Preschools wraps up its summer camp season on Friday, August 3rd.  We’ve had a fantastic time playing sports, swimming, and engaging our gross motor skills in a variety of movement activities.  What better way to end our camp season than with a sports-based theme?

This summer, we spent weeks 6 and 7 at summer camp immersed in a new theme: “Go For The Gold:  Camp Olympics!”  The recent 2018 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament and the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea have been great examples of worldwide sporting competitions for our campers.  These events have not only showcased a wide variety of kinesthetic activities, but they also incorporated multiculturalism and national pride into the process.  As The International Preschools embraces and encourages our students and their families to share their cultures and native countries with the community throughout the school year, the global theme of the Olympics (including flags and countries of the world) served as the perfect vehicle to carry this subject into our summer program. Continue reading →

Blast Off To Space Camp: Summer 2018

Moon Mission Day at 76th Street!

Every summer at The International Preschools, themes are established during the camp season to help promote interdisciplinary learning.  For each theme, dramatic play areas, art projects, and books read aloud are centered around the theme at hand.  During the month of June, our theme was “Animal Planet.”  For the first two weeks of our July session, our topic switched to one we’ve never done during summer before:  Blast Off To Space Camp!  In keeping with our play-based learning curriculum, our campers enjoyed performances, special theme days, art projects, and snacks all centered around the theme of outer space!

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Magicians, Puppets, and More at IPS Summer Camp

The Art Farm NYC introduced our campers to a variety of animals during our “Animal Planet” theme weeks.
Petland Traveling Animal Show provided an interactive animal experience for our campers.

The International Preschools Summer Camp schedules a variety of performers to visit our campers throughout the summer.  Magicians, puppeteers, storytellers, and animal experts will share their knowledge, songs, and talents in order to entertain at our camp, providing a wide array of artistic, musical, and movement experiences for the children.

Here is a list of the performers who will visit IPS Summer Camp in 2018:

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Specialty Programs at IPS Summer Camp

86th Street campers participating in art class at summer camp.

A typical camp day at The International Preschools is full of activities planned both by our teachers and by camp administration.  One of the goals for our summer camp is to provide children with outlets for gross motor activities, water play, and sensory exploration.  Although the children experience many of these activities throughout the school year, summer camp provides these programs in a laid-back environment, focusing more on the experience and the promotion of physical activity and less on cognitive skills.

Here’s a list of specialty programs that are taking place (or have taken place) at The International Preschools Summer Camp in 2018:

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The International Preschools Summer Camp: Photos From June 2018

The International Preschools Summer Camp is closed during the week of July 2nd-July 6th.  In lieu of a blog post, we have included summer camp photos from June 2018.  Enjoy!

ENCORE: Swimming and Water Play: Getting Your Child Used To The Water

This week’s blog post originally ran last July.  We are running it again in light of the upcoming Fourth of July festivities and start of summer.  Enjoy! 

Having fun during swim lessons at IPS Summer Camp!

When one thinks of summer, time spent in the water immediately comes to mind.  Splashing in the pool, ocean, and lake are popular warm weather activities both inside and outside of New York City.  For some children, water exposure can be thrilling; for other children, water play can bring about feelings of apprehension or anxiety.  Fortunately, there are many ways that parents, teachers, and caregivers can make water play a fun-filled, positive experience for young children.

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Welcome to IPS Summer Camp 2018!

Summertime snacks at IPS’ 76th Street location!

The first days of the 2018 camp season have come and gone at The International Preschools, and what fun it has been!  on Tuesday, June 12th, our 45th Street, 76th Street, and 86th Street locations opened their doors with balloons, bubble machines, and music, welcoming in many happy, smiling campers!

This summer, our camp will have three different themes.  For the month of June, our camp theme is “Animal Planet.”  Over the course of three weeks, camp rooms will focus their books, explorations, and activities on a variety of animals.  Last week, our campers participated in the animal-based special day, “Bring Your (Stuffed) Animal To Camp Day.”  Coinciding with the topic of animals, the campers brought a favorite stuffed animal to camp to join them in the day’s entertainment, ranging from playing in a child-made forest to searching for animals around the camp “on safari.”  This week, we welcome more adventures with our upcoming special day, “Underwater Animals Luau Party.”

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Elizabeth Patrick Leadership Award: Meet Our Newest Recipient!

The Elizabeth Patrick Leadership Award was established in 2015 to recognize the talent, hard work, and leadership skills within the faculty community here at The International Preschools.  Head teachers, associate teachers, assistant teachers, and specialty teachers are all among the potential nominees for this award; staff members are asked to write an essay about a person that they think deserves to be recognized.  The nominees and winner were announced at our final staff meeting on Friday, June 8th.

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