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Self-Regulation and Feelings: A Simple Question to Ask

Working and playing in small groups at IPS

In last week’s blog, the topic of self-regulation and self-soothing was discussed, focusing on moving away from using technological devices to distract and calm children and instead, use tactics such as the five senses (touch, hearing), music, and tangible objects (books) to calm, entertain and soothe young children.  However, this week’s topic, interestingly enough, emerged from a classic technological device:  the television.

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Self-Regulation, Self-Soothing, and Preschoolers: Where To Begin

As the parent of a toddler, I know how frequently one finds themselves in the following situation:  you’re in a restaurant, at a party, or in the grocery store, and your child starts misbehaving, getting upset, and generally causing a scene.  What’s a parent to do?  All too often, a simple solution might be to hand your child your almighty iPhone (or other technological device).  The child is distracted and quiet, and your day can go on as planned.  Effective?  Perhaps.  Good for your child? Not necessarily.

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Photo Gallery: Fun Times at 76th Street!

IPS’ 76th Street location is closed for spring break.  In lieu of a blog post, we have put together photo galleries to highlight activities at each location.  Enjoy!


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Photo Galleries: Fun Times at 86th Street!

IPS is closed for spring break.  In lieu of a blog post, we have put together photo galleries to highlight activities at each location.  This week’s gallery features photos from our 86th Street location.  Enjoy!


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Photo Gallery: Fun Times at 45th Street!

IPS’ 45th Street and 86th Street locations are closed for spring break.  In lieu of a blog post, we have put together photo galleries to highlight activities at each location.  This week’s gallery features photos from our 45th Street location.  Enjoy!

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Spring Break: Learning Adventures To Take With Your Child In NYC

Many years ago, when I taught Kindergarten with The International Preschool’s very own Ms. Eira, we would assign “homework” to the children in our class every Friday. Upon hearing this, one might wonder…what types of homework would be expected of a four or five-year-old child?  Most of the time, the “homework” that was assigned to the children was in the form of “weekly readers”…a four-page flyer provided by Scholastic on topics that we were learning about in the classroom, from a farm to Earth Day.  The children were to look over the photos inside the weekly reader with their parents and read it together.  The actual purpose of the “homework”?  To provide an opportunity for the children and parents to “connect” over a learning experience via conversation and the sharing of ideas.

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Technology Class Fun and Learning with Stop-Motion Animation

This week’s blog features contributions by Ms. Nikki, IPS iPads/Technology teacher.  Ms. Nikki recently began a new unit on Stop-Motion animation in the 4s and 5s classes at IPS.

The Pre-K and Jr. K classes at The International Preschools just started learning about Stop-Motion animation! Stop-Motion animation is a film-making technique that makes inanimate objects appear to move on their own.  To do this, actions/animations are captured one snapshot at a time, with physical objects that are moved between the snapshots.  When the series of frames are quickly put into motion, it gives the observer the illusion of movement.

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Parent/Teacher Conferences: Why Should I Attend?

A friend of mine recently attended the parent/teacher conference for his eighteen-month-old son.  Prior to the meeting, he questioned the importance of attending a conference for a child so young.  What would the teachers possibly have to say about his son, he asked?  After attending the conference, he had an answer: a lot!

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Parent Musicians at The International Preschools

Satoshi Okamoto (right) performing at the 76th Street Winter Solstice.

IPS parents are invited to share their musical and artistic talents with our school community.  This week’s blog post contains contributions by Satoshi Okamoto, 76th Street parent, who is a member of the New York Philharmonic. 

Satoshi Okamoto is both a former and current parent of The International Preschools; his son, Yuma, is currently a student in the Green 1 classroom at our 76th Street location.  His daughter, Hana, attended IPS from 2013-2015 and was a student in the Red and Green Rooms.   Today, Satoshi is a member of the New York Philharmonic.  He recently played the double bass at 76th Street’s Winter Solstice celebration, alongside our music teacher Mr. Doug and current IPS parent/violinist Ana Milosavljevic.

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Ten Reasons to Sign Up for IPS Summer Camp!

Although the weather is still cold and snowy, we at The International Preschools are looking towards warmer, sunnier days by preparing for…summer camp!  Yes, summer camp!  Planning has been underway for our school camp since January.

Many parents ask about the benefits of signing up their child for preschool summer camp.  Here are ten reasons why (and how) your child would benefit from attending our summer program this year:

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