Kicking Off IPS Summer Camp With Sports!

Children at the 86th Street location learn the basics of basketball at summer camp.

Summer camp at The International Preschools is midway through its second week, and so much fun is being had by our campers! During the summer season, IPS focuses on increasing physical activity in both a structured and non-structured manner via play-based learning.  This, in turn, helps the children strengthen their gross motor skills and muscles, while allowing them to naturally regulate the energy in their bodies.  As a result, our IPS campers are stronger and have more stamina for all types of tasks.  Here’s a look at some of the adventures that the children are partaking in…

Swim lessons are given to our oldest campers twice a week via Penguin City Swim.

This summer, our Goldfish (3s) and Dolphins (4s) are playing not one, but two sports per week!  The Children’s Athletic Training School (C.A.T.S.) is providing tennis lessons for the children, and West Side Hoops is teaching the children how to play basketball.  During both classes, the campers are also playing games which require them to stretch, balance, run, and jump while increasing other skills such as hand/eye coordination.

Additionally, the Dolphins are participating in swim lessons twice a week via Penguin City Swim, a New York City-based swim school.  Children work in small groups with an instructor, who tailors the lessons to their swimming abilities; lessons focus on concepts such as getting used to the water, blowing bubbles and breathing techniques, floating, and practicing beginner swim strokes.

Learning how to volley during tennis class!

Of course, free play is equally as important as structured activities, and the IPS Summer Camp provides lots of time for that!  Every day, half-day campers spend one hour either in our gym or on the playground, weather permitting.  The full-day campers spend a total of two hours engaged in outdoor and indoor play.  Outside, children of all ages are acclimating to the water via our water tables and sprinklers.  The children also use the playground equipment to build strength by climbing and balancing.  Motor skills are also built by blowing bubbles, which helps children fine tune their articulation proficiency!  Inside, our campers are riding tricycles and scooters, which promotes balance and coordination, among other skills.

Children receive an hour to two hours of indoor/outdoor free play every day at camp.

Come back next week for another summer camp update!

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