Learning Through The Arts at IPS: Plants That Can’t Sit Still!

Children at the 45th Street location participate in this year’s Learning Through The Arts performance.

The International Preschools offers unique specialty classes to supplement the already multi-faceted play-based learning curriculum in our classrooms.  Currently, we offer four specialty classes:  Music, Creative Movement, Library, and iPads/Technology.  To connect and culminate a year of enlightenment in our specialty classes, the Pre-K and Junior K children participated in a performance for the Green (3s) classes entitled “Learning Through The Arts.”  The “Learning Through the Arts” celebration began a few years ago as a way to recognize and honor the curriculum within our specialty classes while sharing it with the children and teachers.  To tie the collaboration together, the specialty teachers choose one book to base the performance on; this year, the book is called Plants Can’t Sit Still by Rebecca E. Hirsch.

Ms. Talcott, our librarian, reads Plants Can’t Sit Still to the children.
Pretending to be plants that can’t sit still at 76th Street!

Each of the four specialty teachers employed concepts that the children have learned within their classes to piece together a retelling of the story.  Ms. Talcott, our librarian, read the book aloud to the Green, Pre-K, and Junior K classes.  The children then pretended to not only become plants that “can’t sit still,” but also the various parts of the plant life cycle process:  seeds, then buds, and then flowers.  The teachers used real-life objects such as sand, rocks, and water to help enhance the “growing” experience.  At the end of the story, the children spread their seeds so that more flowers can grow.  Ms. Peggy, our movement teacher, worked with the children on their movements in order to tell the story with their bodies, while Mr. Doug provided music.  Finally, Ms. Nikki captured the performance in both photos and video for later viewing.  This book and performance coincided nicely with the end-of-the-year units that many teachers are focusing on during the month of May:  life cycles, growth, and change.

At 76th Street, a Pre-K student gives a flower to a Green Room student.

This year’s performances took place on May 17th, May 21st, and May 22nd.  At the end of the performance, each Green Room child received a flower from a Pre-K or Junior K student.   What a wonderful, interactive conclusion to the play-based learning occurring in our specialty classes!

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