Life Cycles and Our End-Of-Year Units: How Are They Connected?


Interacting with a baby chick!
Observing Caterpillars

Spring is an exciting season in play-based curriculum. Following thematic classroom units on the Earth, students at The International Preschools explore life cycles.  Students of all ages are introduced to live caterpillars who are then placed in a “butterfly garden” and observed and recorded closely.  Preschoolers excitedly experience firsthand as caterpillars enter their chrysalises and emerge as butterflies! For a few joyful days, the children enjoy spending time with their new “classmates.”  But soon, the teachers will tell the class that it is time to release the butterflies to live in their natural habitats. There is a bittersweet “ceremony,” where the butterfly gardens are opened and its inhabitants are set free, to live in a local park.

Chicken eggs are introduced at each location in early May by Quiver Farms and are placed in an incubator until they hatch. All of the students (and teachers!) from the entire school spend time visiting and examining the eggs.  Soon, the location is filled with delighted squeals of our preschoolers, as they have a front-row seat to the arrival of baby chicks!  Under careful supervision, the students help to care for, and even pet, these tiny creatures for about a week.  They are then transported back to Quiver Farms to live after a final goodbye and hug from the children.

The butterflies were released, but not everyone is ready to leave!
The butterflies were released, but not everyone is ready to leave!
Last year’s baby chicks!

At The International Preschools, the end of the life cycles unit acts as an introduction to our end of the school year conversations about “saying goodbye.”  Much as our community loves the school year and classroom experience we eventually need to move on to something new.  However, we are always assured that we can still keep our friends (winged or otherwise) and, of course, come back and visit!

Be on the lookout for an upcoming blog entry, detailing the end-of-year units in all of our classrooms!

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