End-Of-The-Year Celebrations

An IPS student prepares for "graduation"!
An IPS student prepares for “graduation”!

Each May, The International Preschools celebrates the end-of-the year with a variety of play-based learning activities.  It is a bittersweet time for everyone:  parents, children, and teachers alike. While parents and teachers are incredibly proud of what the children have accomplished throughout the last nine months, it is also a sad time of year, as we all prepare to say goodbye for the summer.

Classroom teachers approach the end-of-year celebrations in different ways depending on age levels.  For the Creche (1.5s-2 year olds) and Red Rooms (2 year olds), families gather in the children’s classrooms for an international potluck and children might perform a few songs with the grown-ups.

In the Green Rooms (3 year olds), teachers incorporate memory books, a photo/video collage and performances by the children.

Performing to their parents and special friends.
Performing to their parents and special friends.

The Pre-K and Junior K (4/5 year olds) students reflect upon the fun learning experiences they have had at IPS.  Our “graduates” celebrate “moving-on” ceremonies that include musical performances, slide-shows and distribution of accomplishment certificates.

Whether your child is moving up to another IPS classroom or moving on to another school, we hope that you and your family enjoy this special time of year!

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