Science Program

Scientific inquiry is about asking questions. However it is hard for children to ask questions about something if they have not had a chance to experience the materials.  While participating in these activities, children will:

  • Learn skills for predicting
  • Learn observation and recording skills
  • Develop an interest and excitement about the world of science
  • Gain a comfort level with the idea of trial and error as they use experiments to explore
  • Learn new vocabulary and enhance their conversational skills
  • Understand cause and effect
  • Use their senses to gain information about their environment
  • Learn to ask questions about what they are observing
  • Learn to describe phenomena
  • Learn to compare similarities and differences among objects
  • Learn to classify and group objects

At The International Preschools, children have opportunities to explore the world focusing on physical, earth, and life sciences.

Starting in the three year old classes, The International Preschools science curriculum guidelines are incorporated into weekly learning routines.  

For all Pre K and Jr K, the specialty science teacher visits once a month to introduce more complex scientific concepts that are expanded upon by classroom teachers.