“All About Me”: September Classroom Themes at The International Preschools

Exploring our “flags” (the countries that we are from) is an important activity during our “All About Me” unit.

At The International Preschools, a different theme is assigned to every month of the school year.  Teachers incorporate this theme into every classroom center, from the sensory table to the discovery center to the songs that are sung and books that are read.

A common unit for the month of September is called “All About Me,” where children learn and share information about themselves and their families with each other.  Last year, many classrooms incorporated this unit into the month of September and into all of their classroom centers.  Each classroom and age level explored this topic in a variety of ways.  Listed below are some highlights from the classrooms across the three locations:

  • In the Pre-K (4s) and Jr. K (4s/5s) classes, children listened to the book The Colors of Us by Karen Katz.  Later, each child chose a crayon that best matched his/her skin tone and used it to create a self-portrait of himself/herself.  The science skill of color mixing and the social skill of working cooperatively were practiced while learning about skin tones.  Children mixed red, yellow, black, and white paint to create a skin tone most similar to their partner’s.  This unique color was used in part to complete an art project using paper plates, yarn, and other items to produce the child’s “face.”  In another Pre-K class, the children listened to a reading of the story, The Family Book by Todd Parr.  A language development activity followed, where children dictated why they love their families.  Children also made popsicle stick puppets, one for each member of their family, by using their counting and recall skills.
  • In the Green Rooms (3s), children used Unifix cubes (math manipulative toys) to measure each other’s height.  The Unifix cubes were counted and compared to see which measurements were bigger or smaller. Mirror exploration was also used as a visual aid to help the children identify feelings (i.e. happy, sad, angry).
  • In the Creche (1.5s/2s) and the Red Rooms (2s), the children engage in family role-playing by pretending to be mommies and daddies, taking care of baby dolls.  Role-playing allows children to act out social situations that they experience or have observed in a safe environment.
An excerpt from The Family Book by Todd Parr

For more information regarding your child’s “All About Me” unit exploration, log into your dashboard at https://www.ipsnyc.org.  

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