Seven Reasons Why Your Child Should Join Us at IPS Summer Camp

A visit with a slithery snake during the Petland Traveling Pet Show!

Summer is only a few weeks away, and with it comes the start of IPS Summer Camp!  Camp runs from Tuesday, June 11th through Friday, August 2nd.  Our enrollment will close on Monday, May 20th, so if you haven’t signed up yet, there’s only a few days left to do so!

Still on the fence about whether to register your child for summer camp at IPS?  Here’s a few reasons why you should:

  • Water, Water, Everywhere:  Children in our Dolphins (4s, or those entering/exiting Pre-K) group will attend swim lessons twice a week on the Upper West Side with NYC-based Penguin City Swim.  And for campers of all ages, we provide water play every day, weather permitting, in the form of sprinklers and water tables.  What better way to cool off on a hot NYC day?!
  • Animals and Magicians and Storytellers…Oh, My:  Does your child love puppets?  Animals?  Magic?  Funny stuff?  We’ve got it all at IPS Summer Camp!  Most weeks, a performance is scheduled for the entire camp, including annual favorites Lou Del Bianco the Story Teller, Paul the Magic Clown, Spellbound Theatre, Art Farm NYC and Petland Traveling Pet Show.
  • Water play fun at IPS Summer Camp!

    Sports: The best way to use up excess energy is to get your kids moving, and we certainly do that at IPS Summer Camp!  This year, campers will participate in two sports, twice a week:  tennis (provided by C.A.T.S.) and basketball (from West Side Hoops)!  And on top of that, each group is allotted one to two hours of indoor (gym)/outdoor (playground) time.  Climbing, running, jumping, and bicycling are all on the agenda!

  • Theme Days:  From Crazy Hat Day to Teddy Bear Picnic, from Blast Off To Space Camp! to Animal Planet…IPS Summer Camp provides special days and camp themes for your child to participate in.
  • Our Talented Teachers:  Many of IPS’ classroom teachers choose to work some (or all) of the weeks of summer camp.  It’s a great way for your child to spend time with his/her current teacher…and potentially get to know his/her teacher for next year!  Some of our specialty teachers, including Mr. Doug, will return for summer camp as well.
  • Transitions, Friends, and Fun:  Summer Camp is the perfect place to maintain old friendships and make new ones.  Is your child new to IPS?  Summer Camp provides the opportunity to meet new children and teachers, as well as acclimate to the school community.  For those children who are moving from a half-day program to a full-day program, Summer Camp affords campers a way to get used to a six-hour day in a relaxed, friendly setting, prior to the start of the school year.
  • Flexible Scheduling:  Registration for camp can work with your schedule!  Sign up for as many weeks as you’d like.  Weeks do not have to be consecutive.

Are you ready to register?  Visit our website at to enroll your child in as many weeks as you’d like.  Have any questions?  Email Shelby Talbert at or call her at 212-371-8604 x1116.

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