Specialty Programs at IPS Summer Camp

86th Street campers participating in art class at summer camp.

A typical camp day at The International Preschools is full of activities planned both by our teachers and by camp administration.  One of the goals for our summer camp is to provide children with outlets for gross motor activities, water play, and sensory exploration.  Although the children experience many of these activities throughout the school year, summer camp provides these programs in a laid-back environment, focusing more on the experience and the promotion of physical activity and less on cognitive skills.

Here’s a list of specialty programs that are taking place (or have taken place) at The International Preschools Summer Camp in 2018:

  • Clay Art:  IPS’ very own Ms. Dalia teaches an art class to our campers, focusing on clay.  The children create clay pieces which are then fired in a kiln at our 86th Street location, to be brought home and enjoyed.  The art class allows children to engage in sensory exploration while expressing themselves creatively.
  • Music:  IPS music teacher Mr. Doug visits each camp location weekly for an all-camp sing-along.  The children sing, dance, and laugh while listening to summer-themed music with their peers.
  • 45th Street campers participating in soccer class via Super Soccer Stars at summer camp.

    Story Time:  This year’s Elizabeth Patrick Leadership Award winner, Ms. Talcott, reads stories to the children during her weekly visits to camp.  This summer, the children learned about and created fairy houses during the month of June; in July, stories will center around the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson.

  • Soccer:  During the month of June, Super Soccer Stars provided an age-appropriate soccer program for our campers.  The children learned how to control and kick a soccer ball while strengthening their gross motor skills.
  • Tennis:  NYC-based C.A.T.S. (Children’s Athletic Training School) provided tennis classes throughout the month of July at IPS Summer Camp.  Tennis classes allows children to work on hand-eye coordination and learn basic tennis skills, all while playing games and having fun.
  • Movement:  During the month of July, IPS creative movement teacher Ms. Peggy will teach the campers about basic dance movements and tempo.
  • Swimming:  NYC-based Take Me To The Water swim school teaches our Dolphins (4s) basic water skills in small groups twice a week throughout the summer.

We are looking forward to more fun in specialty classes this summer at IPS!

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