Spotlight on Specialty Classes: Music with Mr. Doug

Throughout the month of November, the blog posts will highlight the various specialty classes at The International Preschools.  This week’s blog post is by Mr. Doug, music teacher for all three locations.

Music is an important part of everyone’s life, and is one of the most accessible things that you can share with your child. I have been teaching at IPS since 2000, and I had the great pleasure of having my own son attend The International Preschools!

Mr. Doug leads the school-wide sing-along for United Nations Day at IPS' 76th Street location.
Mr. Doug leads the school-wide sing-along for United Nations Day at IPS’ 76th Street location.

Outside of school, I am a composer of chamber music as well as a guitarist and amateur clarinetist.  I have also produced hundreds of chamber music concerts in New York City, as well as collaborations throughout the world.

The music program at IPS is experiential, with each lesson allowing children to sing, dance, and respond to music in an interactive way.  This changes as the children develop memory, listening, and motor skills, as well as an appreciation and respect for the musical experience. We also learn musical concepts such as dynamics and tempo, along with the related terminology.

The concepts of strong and soft, fast and slow are the same for all ages. However, with the Creche/Red (2s) and Green (3s) Rooms, there is less emphasis on terminology and minutia of the musical concepts.  In the Pre-Kindergarten (4s) and Junior Kindergarten classes (4s/5s), students will not only learn the correct (Italian) vocabulary, but will also learn to use the language and concepts within the music classroom.

Later in the school year, the classes will be introduced to the four musical instrument families (brass, woodwind, percussion, and string).  The children will see and hear instruments from these families played aloud.  Whenever possible, the children will engage in hands-on experiences (i.e. strumming, tapping) using the musical instruments.

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