Technology Class Fun and Learning with Stop-Motion Animation

This week’s blog features contributions by Ms. Nikki, IPS iPads/Technology teacher.  Ms. Nikki recently began a new unit on Stop-Motion animation in the 4s and 5s classes at IPS.

The Pre-K and Jr. K classes at The International Preschools just started learning about Stop-Motion animation! Stop-Motion animation is a film-making technique that makes inanimate objects appear to move on their own.  To do this, actions/animations are captured one snapshot at a time, with physical objects that are moved between the snapshots.  When the series of frames are quickly put into motion, it gives the observer the illusion of movement.

For our first lesson this week, the students were the objects!  To start, each class was broken up into several smaller groups of three or four children.  Then, half of the smaller group took pictures of their teammates, who posed for the photos.  Afterwards, the children switched jobs.  This made putting the Stop-Motion animation a fun and silly experience, all while observing and learning how Stop-Motion works.  This technological adventure provided the children with an understanding of the process and end result in creating a Stop-Motion film.

Click on the images below to see IPS Stop-Motion in action!

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