Thanksgiving 2020: Different, But Still Special

The Pre-K 3 children display their leaf collection projects

The students at The International Preschools spent the month of November learning about fall, harvest, and Thanksgiving. In previous years, IPS celebrated the holiday with feasts shared among age-levels, school-wide Thanksgiving Day Parades, and the idea of coming together as a whole group. This year, due to our commitment to social distancing and remaining in our static pods, the children were unable to congregate as a whole school to commemorate Thanksgiving.

A Green Room student plays “Feed the Turkey,” a fun Thanksgiving game that strengthens their fine motor skills!

However, Thanksgiving was still recognized and studied within our IPS classrooms. Instead of sizable feasts and coming together as a large group, the teachers shifted the focus of Thanksgiving to fall, families, and the harvest season. Many classrooms discovered the types of foods typically grown during fall harvest (corn, pumpkin, apple) as well as foods from around the world. Children examined their family structures and talked about what made each family similar and different.

Children making Thanksgiving-themed pumpkin pie play dough as a whole group project!

Of course, turkeys and other symbols of the Thanksgiving holiday were decorated, discussed, and read about in all of our classrooms. In the Green, Pre-K, and Junior K classes, children and teachers discussed their plans for Thanksgiving instead of At 76th Street, the Green Rooms decided to have pizza parties to celebrate Thanksgiving; while the groups may be smaller, they still function as a “family,” and the Thanksgiving holiday is always worthy of a celebration!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from The International Preschools!

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