Parent Workshop Series

Every year, The International Preschools offers a series of interactive workshops to educate parents about a variety of topics related to parenting and early childhood. These events are open to IPS parents from all locations. Below is a list of workshops that IPS offers to its parents:All workshops are given by Soho Parenting, except “Raising a Bilingual Child” and “Tackling Tantrums,” which are given by NY Bridge Kids.


Toilet Training:

Tuesday Sept. 20th, 6pm, 345 E. 86th Street

Healthy Sleep:

Wednesday, Sept. 28th, 6pm, 345 E. 86th Street

Raising Your Bilingual Child:

Thursday, Dec. 1st, 9:30am, 330 E. 45th Street

Managing Your Child’s Difficult Behavior:

Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 6pm, 345 E. 86th Street

Healthy Self-Esteem:

Wednesday, April 19th, 6pm, 345 E. 86th Street

 Toilet Training:

 Tuesday, May 16th, 6pm, 345 E. 86th Street

For more information or to RSVP please e-mail Sue Scalettar at