Board of Trustees

The International Preschool #IPSNYC

The International Preschools is governed by a Board of Trustees (“the Board”) as defined in its bylaws. The Board includes current parents, parents of alumni, former directors, and other members of the community.

Committed to upholding a curriculum of play-based learning, the Board members act as stewards of the school’s finances and investments to assure that The International Preschools offers innovative early childhood programs and attracts high-quality teachers and administrators.


David Bernstein (Secretary)
Nancy Brown
Sylvie Cherry
Donna Cohen (Head of School)
Connie Cranch
Elizabeth DePaolo
Franco Finstad
Michelle Najjar
Sunny Nagel
Frank Nasta
Livia Wei Nguyen
Betsy Newell
Elizabeth Patrick (Chair)
Carolyn Risoli
Ravi Sachdev
Nate Sleeper (Treasurer)
Ashley Smyth
Brian Wu
Jonathan (JL) Zrebiec