Life After IPS


How we guide and advise our families through the ex-missions process


In the early fall, parents of our Pre-K and Jr.-K families are busy with their applications for private schools as well as scheduling testing for Hunter and G&T programs. Public school kindergarten registration begins in December.

At IPS we work very closely with our families as they navigate the kindergarten process. Knowing the children as students, we feel we are the best resource to advise our families. In late winter we hold a large group meeting for parents of our three-year-olds to explain the process for both private and public schools. About half of IPS students continue on to public schools and half to private schools. Many families consider both options!

After the group meeting, we observe the children in their classes.  We are looking to see how their skills are developing and how they would fare in a testing situation or at a play session. Then we have a private meeting with each interested family. At this meeting we discuss how their child learns, what their strengths and interests are and which schools would be best for them.

Families have the information they need to begin their research and decide where to apply well in advance of the process. Our school recommendations are based on what would be best for each child and family. We also hand out a “tip sheet” that suggests simple, fun activities parents can incorporate into their family routines to ready a child for the application process.

We send out lots of reminders so that no one gets behind in the process. We have a second individual meeting with parents after they have completed their school visits.  That’s when we listen as families tell us which schools they prefer. Together, we brainstorm ways they can strengthen their applications at these schools. We advocate for our families at their top choice schools and hold their hand every step of the way. Here is a list of schools our most recent graduates are attending.