Reading List

Dear Parents,

Below are links to reading lists that I hope will prove useful to you.

I use this quote from children literature expert, Betsy Hearn, as my guide for compiling reading lists: “Children’s books are the place for powerful emotions, powerful language, powerful art. If the book you’re reading seems boring, toss it. The book probably is boring, and there are thousands that aren’t.”

It turns out that “the typical child reads only about 600 books of all types from early childhood through adolescence.” Every book counts!

Please note that the age categories are loose and many books span age categories.
Also, * stands for reliable author and YN stands for young novel.

Happy reading!


Ms. Talcott, Librarian


Reading Lists

Summer Reading List 2020 (PDF) and Record Your Reading Adventures with a Paper Chain!

Summer Reading List 2019 (PDF)

Summer Reading List 2016 (PDF)

Summer Reading List 2015 (Word Doc)


This video shares how Ms. Talcott begins her classes for the Green, Pre-K and Jr. KGN classrooms.


Here is a Helpful Reading List and message from the staff at the Bank Street Book Store: “There’s something for everyone: options to keep toddlers busy on a plane flight, picture and chapter books for precocious young ones, fun fiction for middle schoolers, YA for your bored teens, and even a few recommendations for the parents!”