Technology Program

Here at The International Preschools, we have created a technology program that has become a great way to help further develop new skills for your child.  The technology program does not replace hands-on learning but rather acts as a tool used to help facilitate the learning process through educational apps and robots.

Our Green (3’s) room children have the opportunity to get their “feet wet” with technology through our iPad program.  Through educational apps, children will work on strengthening various skills such as fine motor control, spatial relations, patterns etc. These kinds of apps can range from puzzles to mazes and even art/painting apps. 

Pre-K (4’s) and Jr.K (4/5’s) classrooms will spend a short amount of time with iPads because the first half of the year we will dive right into coding with BeeBots!  BeeBots are robots in the shape of a bee that helps children learn basic coding (a set of instructions children must follow). During the second half of the year, our IPS students will learn how to create “flip-book” like stories called Stop Motion Animation.