Eight Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp

Spring has officially arrived, and we at The International Preschools are preparing for…summer camp!  Yes, summer camp!  Planning has been underway for our school camp for the last few months.  As the Camp Coordinator,  many parents ask me about the benefits of signing up their child for preschool summer camp.  Here are ten reasons why (and how) your child would benefit from attending our summer program:

Outdoor play and water exploration are an important part of the camp schedule.
  1. Familiar Faces:  Many of our talented IPS teachers work at summer camp.  Returning IPS students will enjoy seeing teachers that they already know; whenever possible, we try to place campers with the teachers that they will have in September.  This helps with:
  2. Transitions:  Summer camp’s play-based learning provides a great place for children to get comfortable with making transitions.  For some children, this might be their first time in school; others might be switching from a half-day program into a full-day program.  Whatever the case, the camp setting is an excellent place to work on this progression, which ultimately will make for a smoother transition into school, come September.
  3. Social Growth:  Camp offers children the opportunity to make new friends in a relaxed environment.  During the summer, there are many free play opportunities and lots of social interactions to help campers make connections with their peers.
  4. Physical Activity:  The summer program at IPS places an emphasis on movement by incorporating athletic activities into each week.  Children in the Goldfish (3s) and Dolphins (4s) classes receive tennis and/or soccer once a week.  In addition, Goldfish (3s) will take a dance class each week, while the Dolphins (4s) attend swimming lessons at a local pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  5. Summer camp is a great place to make a new friend!
    Summer camp is a great place to make a new friend!

    Outdoor Play:  Preschool age children need to have unstructured play times throughout their day.  During the school year, half-day classes receive thirty minutes of playground or gym time every day; full day classes receive sixty minutes total, split into two sections.  At summer camp, the half-day groups receive sixty minutes of playground or gym time, while the full day groups receive a total of one hundred and twenty minutes!  This play-based learning time includes:

  6. Water Play:  Each IPS location has a sprinkler, water table, and small inflatable pool for all ages to use during outdoor play on warm days.  Here, children are able to cool off and have fun while also engaging in sensory exploration.
  7.  Special Performances:  Throughout the camp season, IPS welcomes a variety of performers and special classes, some of which are not offered during the school year.  This year, Lou Del Bianco the Storyteller, Mary Ellen the Puppeteer, Paul the Magic Clown, and the Petland Traveling Animal Show will join school year regulars Spellbound Theater and the Art Farm at summer camp.
  8. Theme Days:  Every Wednesday, a different theme day is held to help reinforce the camp-to-school connection.  Children learn what the theme day is, and then go home to find something to wear/bring in based upon the topic.  Activities such as these allow children to bring camp “home,” and vice versa.  This year, our theme days will include a Teddy Bear Picnic, Favorite Tee Shirt Day, and Crazy Hat Day, to name a few.

Interested in attending our summer camp?  Learn more about the program by clicking here.

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