Fathers and Special Friends Read-Aloud: An IPS Tradition!

The 2017-fathers-read-aloud-7Fathers and Special Friends Read-Aloud is a time-honored tradition here at The International Preschools.  The annual event coincides with the school’s literacy units, which include book, character, and author studies.   While the program was originally founded many years ago to identify male figures as reading role models for young boys, it has evolved simply into a wonderful opportunity for cherished caregivers and loved ones to provide a literacy-based activity for our preschoolers.


Each year, fathers, uncles, brothers, grandfathers, and special male friends are welcomed into the classrooms to read to the students.  In some classes, the male guests are asked to read a chapter from the book that the img_1246children are listening to.  In other classes, the readers can choose a book of their liking.  Often, teachers will suggest that the reader bring in a favorite book of their child/relative/friend.  Regardless of what is read aloud, your child will receive one very important thing:  a sense of pride and positive self-esteem that a cherished caregiver took the time to visit his/her classroom!

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