IPS Moving-Up Ceremonies: Zoom Style!

A few of the esteemed members of the IPS graduating class of 2020!

The end of the 2019-2020 school year has arrived, and with it comes end-of-the-year ceremonies for our Red (2s), Green (3s), Pre-K (4s), and Junior K (4s/5s) classes.  Usually, this time of year brings parents and children together within the classrooms to celebrate this milestone together.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 derailed our plans…but not to worry, the teachers at The International Preschools provided its students with memorable events to close out this school year!

Pre-K graduates at their moving-up ceremony!

To commemorate this special time, many teachers invited students (and families) to dress up in fancy clothes for the last day of Zoom meetings.  A variety of activities were facilitated, including “Guess the Baby!” games, where baby photos of each child were (previously) submitted to the teachers, and his/her classmates had to guess which baby it was.  Other events included dance parties, “mug” cupcakes, and singing favorite songs.  Most classes played slideshows of photos of the children from throughout the school year.  Each child in our Pre-K and Junior K classes also received a certificate to recognize his/her completion of his/her time at IPS.

Congratulations IPS graduate!

The day was filled with emotions, and there were many tears as well as laughs.  We truly wish we could have all been together to celebrate…and many classes have vowed to set up a “reunion” once social distancing limits are lifted!

Best of luck to the graduates of The International Preschools!

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