IPS Specialty Teachers Go Remote, Too!

Our classroom teachers are not the only people to “go remote” at The International Preschools!  In early April, Ms. Talcott, Mr. Doug, and Ms. Peggy joined the Zoom movement by visiting and hosting their library, music, and movement classes respectively.  For fifteen minutes a week, the children welcome library, music, and movement classes into their homes, in an adjusted manner appropriate for remote learning.

What’s the same (and different) about remote learning in the IPS specialty classes?

  • Library:  Ms. Talcott, our library teacher, reads a story to our Red (2s), Green (3s), Pre-K (4s), and Junior K (4s/5s) Rooms each week, just like she did at school.  She also includes various finger plays and nursery rhymes that were taught in library class at school, which are familiar to the students.
  • Music:  Mr. Doug, our music teacher, visits our Red, Green, Pre-K, and Junior K classes as well.  He sings songs via Zoom that the children learned throughout the year.  He also teaches the children about instruments and demonstrates how to use them.  The sing-along aspect is a bit different from school, however, as the children are “muted” during Zoom (due to delays and “bounce-backs” in sound), but he (and the teachers!) can see and “hear” the kids singing along at home!
  • Movement:  Ms. Peggy conducts her creative movement classes for our Green, Pre-K, and Junior K classes from home.  She demonstrates various interpretive moves and encourages the children to recreate these actions and poses at home.  Throughout the last few weeks, she has taken the children on a walk through the alphabet, adding new letters each week.  The children then act out an animal whose name begins with said letter (i.e. pretend to be an alligator for letter A).

In addition to the weekly classes, the specialty teachers send out a video for the children and families to watch on their own time.  These videos are meant to be an add-on to the class, and include dramatized stories (library), instruments (music), and dance (movement).

Thank you to the IPS specialty teachers for visiting our classrooms via Zoom!

Interested in learning more about our specialty program?  Learn about our movement, library, and music programs by clicking on these links.

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