Pre-K (4 years old) and Junior K (4/5 years old): Fall Themes at The International Preschools

November is in full swing, and the oldest students at The International Preschools are learning about a wide variety of fall-related topics.  This week, we will take a look at the fall themes inside the Pre-K (4 years old) and Junior K (4/5 years old) classes at The International Preschools.

Students in the Pre-K 2 class (4s) at 86th Street inspected the inside and outside of a pumpkin they purchased on a class trip to Whole Foods.

In honor of Thanksgiving, many classes learned about Native Americans.  At 45th Street, the Junior K (4s/5s) created a K-W-L chart to begin the unit.  Here, the children listed what they Know about Native Americans; what they Wonder about (or want to learn) about Native Americans; and ultimately, what they Learned about Native Americans.  The Pre-K (4s) class focused on Native American-inspired music; they created their own mini-instruments using plastic cups, corn kernels, pumpkin seeds, and pine cones.  At 76th Street, the Pre-K 2 (4s) class became versed on the Native American symbol system.  They also added a teepee (a cone-shaped tent used by some Native Americans) and traditional costumes to their Dramatic Play Center for the children to explore with.

The Junior K class at 86th Street prepared food for their Thanksgiving feast; children chopped, peeled, mixed, and helped concoct a delicious meal.

Other classes focused on traditional fall foods and harvest.  At 86th Street, the Pre-K 1 class (4s) worked on a multi-step project to create scarecrows; they also learned how scarecrows help farmers protect their harvests. At 76th Street, the students in Pre-K 1 (4s) read a book called The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall.  Afterwards, there was a discussion about the many forms of an apple and how one can eat it (i.e. applesauce, apple muffins, apple crisp, etc.).  Later, each child had the opportunity to weigh in on the class question:  What is your favorite way to eat an apple?  Many classes at all three locations will participate in Thanksgiving feasts this week as well.

Another major November event – the presidential election – was studied in the Pre-K 3 class (4s) at 76th Street. Each child participated in the voting process by filling out his/her very own ballot and placing it in the ballot box.

Favorite Thanksgiving-themed books:

  • Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks by Margaret Sutherland
  • Thanks For Thanksgiving by Julie Markes
  • Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson
  • One Is A Feast For A Mouse by Judy Cox
  • Biscuit is Thankful by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Next week’s blog topic will cover the community outreach project that our school participates in during this time of year.  Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday!

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