Record Your Reading Adventures with a Paper Chain!

Dear Parents,

This is a very unusual summer reading list. I didn’t visit book stores, see the latest titles and handpick the books that meet IPS criteria and standards. Instead, I largely relied on the expertise of fellow librarians at The Cooperative Children’s Book Center at The University of Wisconsin/Madison, my alma mater. The CCBC is a premiere children’s literature research library.

The lists compiled by the CCBC which make up a large portion of this year’s IPS Summer Reading List include: 50 Multicultural Books Every Child Should Know; Recommended Picture Books featuring Multiracial Families; Multicultural Rhyming Books for All Children; Images of Community, Selected Books for Children and Young Adults; LGBTQ Lives in Selected Children’s and Young Adult Books.

In addition to the CCBC I consulted School Library Journal and The Hornbook Magazine, a journal devoted to children’s literature. In the March/April edition of The Hornbook there was an article addressing the need for more representation of religious minorities in children’s books. The article cited that showcases children’s literature from South Asia and As you can see, the summer reading list emphasizes the IPS values of diversity and community!

I hope you have lots of reading adventures this summer, reading by flashlight, reading in a fort or tent, reading on a picnic blanket, reading on a trip if it doesn’t give anyone motion sickness!

Consider keeping a record of what you read this summer.  I gave the children an example during my last Zoom session.  I made a paper chain with every book we read in my living room written on the links. It decorated my table. When I took it down I realized that it was over 6 feet long.  I think the children could make them even longer!  If you are able to make a paper chair, Ms. Nikki would love to show it off on IPS  social media – so please, take a picture and send it in at the end of the summer.

It was a pleasure to invite your children into my home for story time.  I especially enjoyed story time in my kitchen using a cookbook for dolls – it was hard for me to keep a straight face as I followed the directions for “roasted rocks!”  I have many fun memories of Zoom, but I hope to see the children in person sometime soon.

With all good wishes,

Mackerrow Talcott


Click here to access the Summer Reading List for 2020!