Uniquely IPS: The “Learning Through the Arts” Curriculum

Mrs. Foss displaying the clay birds created for last year’s performance

The International Preschools offers unique specialty classes to supplement the already multi-faceted play-based learning curriculum in our classrooms.  Currently, we offer five specialty classes:  music, creative movement, clay art, library, and iPads/technology.  To connect and culminate a year of enlightenment in our specialty classes, the Pre-K and Junior K children participate in a performance for the Green (3s) classes entitled “Learning Through The Arts.”

Dance and music portion of the performance

The “Learning Through the Arts” celebration began a few years ago as a way to recognize and honor the curriculum within our specialty classes while sharing it with the children and teachers.  To tie the collaboration together, the specialty teachers choose one book to base the performance on; this year, the book is called Shh! We Have a Plan! by Chris Haughton.

Each of the five specialty teachers employed concepts that the children have learned within their classes to piece together a retelling of the story.  Ms. Talcott, our librarian, read the book aloud to the Pre-K and Junior K classes, while Mrs. Foss, our art teacher, assisted the children in creating clay birds (the main characters in the story) during her art classes.  Mr. Doug, our music teacher, transformed the birds in the story into musical characters; the smallest bird became pianissimo (a term meaning “very quietly” or “very softly” in music) and the largest bird, fortissimo (“very loudly”).  Ms. Peggy, our movement teacher, worked with the children on their movement dynamics, or levels, when dancing in conjunction with the music.  Finally, Ms. Nikki utilized the iPads from her class to not only show the children a short video clip about birds, but also to capture the performance for later viewing.

This year’s performances took place on May 18th, May 22nd, and May 23rd.  The Green Room children were invited to dance with the older classes during the performance to assure everyone participated.  What a wonderful, interactive conclusion to the play-based learning occurring in our specialty classes!

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