Green Room students love their teachers!

May 5th marked National Teacher Appreciation Day.  Here at The International Preschools, we like to think that are teachers are appreciated every day!  The fabulous IPS Parents Association, in honor of the immense amount of work that our teachers are preparing and executing every day via our Zoom sessions, decided to present the faculty by coordinating a special surprise…

Pre-K Teacher Appreciation!

The children at our 76th Street and 86th Street locations created “thank you” signs with their families.  At a predetermined point in each classroom’s school day (April 28th for 76th Street; May 5th for 86th Street), the children surprised their teachers by holding up their “thank you” sign at the same time.  The teachers were so touched by the community’s support and love!

A special thank you to the IPS Parents Association for coordinating this sweet display for our beloved faculty!

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